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Security Guard and Patrol Services: Our operators consist of Special Operations Personnel and elite Law Enforcement Professionals with many decades of indigenous warfare and domestic law enforcement experience as well as individuals with engineering, electronic security, computer programming forensics, and military backgrounds. In addition, our personnel adhere to a very strict code of ethics, which has granted them the highest level of trust for both their conduct and their field capabilities. We specialize in providing services including personnel on the ground in response to natural disasters and unusual occurrences. We can rapidly deploy our security and rescue professionals worldwide.

Security Team Staffing: We can deploy Guard I officers, Guard II officers, state certified security officers, and executive protection agents. Our personnel can be armed or unarmed, cleared or non-cleared, and they may wear police style or business-style uniforms. We subject our officers and agents to a battery of background checks, psychological checks, financial checks, medical checks, and skill/proficiency test.

Security Team Management: We routinely provide on-site and off-site managers to oversee our security teams. Our team includes executive level retirees from prestigious federal agencies, such as the ATF, the secret service, the FBI, and all branches of the United States military.

Security Guard and Patrol Services

Security Team Staffing

Security Team Management

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