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Shaun Anderson
Jacqueline Smith Anderson
Executive Vice President

Shaun Anderson

The MAASAI Group is led by Shaun Anderson, our President/CEO. Mr. Anderson is a former Program Manager with the Department of Defense and the Department of State and has over 26 years of experience managing security operations.

Mr. Anderson is fully capable of performing critical requirements. As an Infantry Staff Non-Commissioned Officer and a Marine Security Guard Detachment Commander, Mr. Anderson conducted numerous security operations, including training embassy and real-world security guards, roving, fixing, posting, relieving, and numerous vehicle checkpoints. Mr. Anderson has written Standard Operating Procedures for guard operations, recording and reporting procedures for incidents and security violations, including damages, misappropriation, larceny, theft, threats, etc. Mr. Anderson has provided and supervised security services to protect government property, government personnel, personal property, and places of interest to the U. S. Government.

As the Detachment Commander/Program Manager for the United States Embassies in Madrid, Spain, and Harare, Zimbabwe, Mr. Anderson trained the Marine Detachments, detachments of 30 Marines, supervised the primary security for all Embassy personnel, classified materials, and the physical Embassy physical itself. Mr. Anderson wrote, trained, and executed security plans and procedures for two United States Presidents, two United States Secretaries of State, and three United States Ambassadors in three foreign countries.

Mr. Anderson was responsible for all major and minor security violations for one of the country’s largest Nuclear Weapons stations. Mr. Anderson supervised and operated the primary entry control points to numerous government facilities, monitoring and operating CCTV and intrusion alarm systems, authorized badging personnel, issuing appropriate paperwork for entry to non-authorized personnel, and providing cleared escorts as needed. As the Operation Center Supervisor and the Reactionary Force Commander, Mr. Anderson provided security and lead all operational missions.
Mr. Anderson assisted the Department of Defense in re-writing the tactics and procedures for Close Quarter Combat. These tactics were utilized as the gold standard in numerous conflicts worldwide to include Iraq and current-day Afghanistan.

As the Squadron Gunnery Sergeant for the United States Presidential Helicopter Squadron from 2004 to 2007, Mr. Anderson was entrusted in overseeing and supervising all squadron Marines who executed all security plans for Presidential missions.

In 2007, Mr. Anderson became the primary Incident Management Analyst for the Department of Defense at the National Operation Center in Washington, DC. Over five years, Mr. Anderson managed this program as the Deputy and the Primary Site Lead/Project Manager. While operating from Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center during numerous incidents, Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) center of operations for the Department of Homeland Security, Mr. Anderson provided pertinent information to FEMA, the National Military Command Center (NMMC), and to numerous interagency government stakeholders that support natural disasters, domestic disasters, national and international law enforcement incidents, and countless real-world operations.

In 2009, The Maasai Group (TMG) expanded the group’s core competencies into the Information Technology Industry/Information Technology and Staffing for both government and commercial clients. TMG currently has over 75 years of combined experience in the Information Technology field and has more than 65 decades of combined experience in the Physical Security field.

Jackie Anderson
Executive Vice President

The MAASAI Group’s Executive Vice President is Mrs. Jackie Anderson, a Small Business Entrepreneur in her own right, has led numerous departments within the company since its inception in 2003.

Mrs. Anderson is pivotal in MAASAI’s success, its day-to-day operations, and its growth. Mrs. Anderson has experience as Human Resources Director, Compliance Manager, and the firm’s primary Accountant. In these roles, she developed processes, procedures and identified best practices across multiple departments, emphasizing government compliance on a federal and state level.

Mrs. Anderson is a Real Estate Agent, licensed in Virginia, where she previously served as the State Licensing Liaison for Long and Foster Real Estate Companies. She was responsible for licensing processes, procedures, regulations, and adhering to State Commission laws covering three states encompassing 8,000 real estate agents and managing brokers.

From 2000 through 2003, as a U.S. diplomat in Harare, Zimbabwe, Mrs. Anderson provided executive administrative support to the US Ambassador of Zimbabwe and administrative support to the Political and Economic sections of the Department of State. While serving in Madrid, Spain, with the State Department, she provided administrative support to the missions’ Chief Medical Doctor and foreign diplomats.

Mrs. Anderson has over 20 years of experience in private business and entrepreneurship. She is a former Board Member of Camp Lejeune Dependent School Board of Education, and she maintains an active Virginia real estate license. She is currently pursuing her SHRM Certified Professional certification and is currently a member of the NAACP.

Charles Bartlett
Operations Manager

Charles Bartlett is an Operations Manager for The MAASAI Group, LLC whose responsibilities include ensuring the efficient operations of the overall company needs as well as developing and enacting company policies aimed at increasing the efficiency of operations for the organization. In this capacity, Mr. Bartlett reports to and assists the CEO as needed in all matters of importance, including, but not limited to: aligning policies with business objectives, map-out, plan and manage projects, develop improved business functionally, train and supervise staff, conduct performance reviews, project/contract management, participate and/or lead business development efforts including but not limited to proposal management.

As a “business enabler”, Mr. Bartlett seeks to bring teams together in the pursuit of mutual goals. His 35 + years of experience working in the Public Sector space includes project management, people management, proposal support, vendor quote analysis, contractual review and interpretation, contracts and price negotiation as well as equipment, product, and services purchasing, management of task orders, management of subcontracts agreements and supplies/subcontractors and audit and compliance procedures as well as salary administration and hiring. Mr. Bartlett has managed large and diverse as well as small groups of employees and has worked cross-functionally with multiple organizations and all levels of both large and small companies with an end goal that is always the same, working toward the best interests of the company and the clients we serve.

In addition to his professional career, Charles is a PADI/NAUI certified Master Diver and enjoys scuba diving and spending time outdoors gardening, hiking, biking, trips to the beach and enjoying time with his family.

Ryshelle Evans
Executive Assistant to the CEO

Ryshelle Evans is a seasoned and innovative professional with extensive experience in all facets of office management, executive administration, business planning, reports generation and delivery.

Her expertise encompasses progressive management, administrative, organizational, and clinical operations experience. Having spent her career in various leading organizations, Ryshelle Evans possesses the ability to quickly build, motivate and lead highly skilled and diverse corporations. Recognized as a proverbial “go to” person, she is adept at leveraging opportunities for organizational efficiency required to deliver impressive bottom-line results.

Ryshelle Evans is currently pursuing her Project Management Professional Certification. She enjoys watching football and basketball and spending her time with her daughter.


Lois Weekes
Human Resources Manager

Lois Weekes is the Human Resources Manager/Generalist for The MAASAI Group, LLC. Ms. Weekes provides Human Resources guidance to ensure company compliance of all federal labor laws.

Ms. Weekes’s role is to provide the following quality services to the employees of The MAASAI Group, LLC.: recruitment of qualified individuals, retention of valuable employees, training, development, and education, to promote individual success and to increase the overall value of the company.

Her professional achievement overtime has been to provide exceptional services to clients and customers, by maintaining the company’s integrity throughout her practices. Professionally, her main passion and focus is to make sure quality changes within the organization, starts with Human Resources. She takes pride in professionalism and always strives for the best as she continues to learn and develop herself each day.

She is interested in social economic developments, especially in developing countries. She supports causes that advocate for diversity inclusion and equality for minority groups.


Charlene Fields
Human Resources Specialist

Charlene Fields is a Human Resources Specialist with well over 20 years of experience in Federal HR Staffing and Recruitment, Position Classification, Benefits, and Payroll department. Ms. Fields background has always been in the Customer Service/Travel/Human Resource arena. She believes in providing exceptional customer service to internal as well as external customers.

In addition to working as a HR Specialist, Ms. Fields has a part-time job as an HR Instructor teaching beginner, refresher and advance training to Federal HR professionals within the federal government.

Ms. Fields has worked at the U.S. Department of State as an International Travel Consultant making travel arrangement for Diplomatic Security and Secretary Detail employees. Ms. Fields currently has a Delegated Examining Unit (DEU) Certification which is required when adjudicating Veteran Preference.

Fun facts Ms. Fields enjoys roller skating, sewing, cooking and quality time with her granddaughter.